Is it Safe to Stack Adrafinil and Caffeine?

As nootropic users, we have a tendency to want to constantly push the envelope as far as our supplement regimen’s are concerned. I don’t know about you, but every time I hear somebody mention the movie Bradley Cooper movie “Limitless”, I experience a renewed desire to find the holy Grail of nootropic stacks that will make me feel like I’m on the elusive NZT pill. Although this is obviously a pipedream, Adrafinil does stack extremely well with a couple of other compounds in order to create the type of focus and mental energy that we observe in the Hollywood movie. As a personal anecdote, I stacked Adrafinil along with caffeine for the first time without even realizing what I was doing. I had taken in Adrafinil capsule in the morning upon waking up, and had gone about my day without thinking much more of it. A couple of hours later, I grabbed a fountain coke from a gas station and began sipping on it on my way home from work. Within a half hour or so, I felt an electric shock of energy tingling through my body. I could understand what was happening, because I’ve been drinking caffeine daily for years and normally I feel no stimulation effects from it whatsoever. After I got home, I did a little bit more research and realize that combining Adrafinil with caffeine has a strong multiplying effect between the two compounds. In this case, 2+2 did not equal for. 2+2 = 10! The buzz and energy boost I felt from the Adrafinil and caffeine combo lasted about 3 to 4 hours. This is substantially longer then the length of energy boost I would’ve received from taking either one of the supplements on their own. Later that day, I did a little bit more research on the Adrafinil caffeine combo stack by reading other user’s reviews and experiences online. There definitely seemed to be some mixed opinions on it. Some people swore by the incredible synergy created between the two supplements. Other people found that it led to an alarmingly high increase in heartbeat. Some of these people even experienced bouts of extreme nausea and disorientation. Although I did not experience any of these negative side effects, it was easy to imagine how the type of electric buzz that Adrafinil mixed with caffeine produced could do to some people. If you decide to try out the stack of Adrafinil and caffeine, I recommend starting with a lower dosage than you would normally use of either of the two compounds. If you normally take 2 to 3 Adrafinil capsules, take just one, or maybe even half of a capsule. Likewise, only take half the amount of caffeine that you would normally take in a traditional situation. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the increased energy, focus, and euphoria that this combo produces. Be sure to take it slowly though, and drink plenty of water to prevent negative side effects from creeping up on you.