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Discover the Health Benefits of Nootropics

Let’s face it, everybody is looking for an advantage in life. From Lance Armstrong to Tiger Woods, we are bombarded with examples of people doing anything to gain a competitive edge in this world. As more and more people seek for a different angle to stay one step ahead of their competitors, savvy consumers are turning to nootropics in order to increase focus and concentration.

Nootropics are a broad category of substances that are used to increase cognitive function. A few quick examples of great benefits that they provide include enhanced memory, increased recall and attention of facts, improved mood, and greater energy.

The substances work in a variety of ways to create these effects in humans. Some nootropics work on the different neurons in the brain in order to increase their efficiency. Others induce positive changes within the brain by working through different pathways. Each compound has a different method of action that you should research more carefully before beginning use.

Nootropics are often referred to as smart drugs and online forums and communities. This title is a little bit misleading. Smart drugs are pharmaceutical compounds specifically designed to increase certain functions within the human body. Nootropics offer a healthy and safe alternative for people who want similar benefits without a lot of the unnecessary side effects.

To put it in most simple terms, nootropics are compounds used to improve mental health through better concentration and memory. If you are wondering what type of person would use something like this, just turn on your TV. Some of the most successful serial entrepreneurs are avid users of these type of supplements. The latest stacks and cycles are commonly swapped that Silicon Valley startup meetings. All of these business people are looking for an edge, and the supplements provide exactly what they are looking for. However, you do not need to be a Silicon Valley entrepreneur in order to experience some of the incredible health benefits that they have to offer.

Nootropics have also been used around the world for a long time. In Chinese medicine, ancient doctors utilized many of the same compounds found in common modern-day nootropic in order to aid patients in cognitive performance. The ingredients were often boiled into tees and taken that way. Some people still take them that way today. However, it is more common for these herbal supplements to be packed into powders and capsules so consumers can easily take them on the go.

The legal status of supplements and nootropics is widely debated. Depending on the country that you live in, the legal status could change. In most developed countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, many nootropic compounds are legal to buy and sell. Other countries such as Australia are much stricter on the import and consumption of these ingredients. You may need to talk to your doctor if you wish to acquire some of the more popular ingredients in Australia and similar countries.

There has been an explosion in the consumption and discussion about the supplements in the last few years. Many Internet communities such as Reddit have entire sections dedicated to discussion of nootropics as well as their benefits and side effects. I believe that one of the most common things leading to this is the increased stress the average person feels in their day-to-day work. Companies are demanding higher output and less hours from their employees. This increased stress has made it difficult for many people to maintain a constant workload. This is the primary reason why more and

more people are turning towards nootropics to help maintain their mental health. They have been found to help revive and rejuvenate a tired mind.

Although each specific compound has its own benefits, we have compiled a list of some of the most common health benefits associated with nootropics here. Make sure to consult with your doctor or physician before beginning any new supplement regimen. Without further to do, here we go!

Enhance Your Concentration

a feeling of brain fog is one of the most common complaints that people have before they start to search out a new supplement plan. When you have better concentration, you’re able to focus and retain better all of the different facts that you need throughout the day. We often have a tendency to forget important things when we aren’t able to concentrate on all of them at once. There are so many different distractions and noises in our modern day society, that our mind often finds it difficult to focus on one task at once. Trying to multitask is one of the most common things that leads to forgetfulness. Staying alert is even more difficult for students were expected to attend class for long hours and then complete strenuous homework assignments at nighttime. Nootropics help to increase brain function so that you will be able to concentrate more effectively. You will notice brain fog start to become lessened and a new sense of clarity will allow you to focus better on the task at hand.

Improve Memory Retention

another common problem that most of us deal with on the day-to-day is retaining important facts in our memory. When sitting in class or work, we not her heads and act like we understand things. However, just a couple of minutes later most of us find it difficult to recall what we heard and what the main purpose of the presentation was. Many of the reviews and user experiences that we have collected over the years has shown that people who use nootropics over an extended period of time report an improvement in their memory. Nootropics enable your brain to retrieve information more quickly. They also help to enhance memory and recall ability by promoting brain cell growth. Healthy brain cells lead to an increase connection between the neurons in the brain. The supplements can even lead to damage neurons been repaired. When the neurons are strengthened and repaired, it improves the body’s ability to process and interpret data and also leads to increase memory retention.

Improve Your Brain Health

as mentioned above, we live in a very hectic society with a difficult balance between managing home and career responsibilities. There’s so much to juggle and so much information that we need to take care of. Naturally in the day-to-day course of our lives, our brain takes a beating. Entrepreneurs and stay-at-home moms alike have come to rely on nootropics to help maintain their brain’s health. Depending on the ingredient, these compounds promote overall brain health and development by ensuring an enhanced and consistent flow of oxygen to the brain. This enables the regeneration of brain cells and keeps the neurons within the brain in good health. In some instances this can even lead to the increased transmission of brain waves throughout the body. Some compounds have been found to be particularly helpful in elderly patients. Fish oil and multivitamin capsules are a good idea to supplement along with these in order to help increase your overall brain health and memory.

Feel Forever Young – Anti-aging Properties of Nootropics

the brain is an extremely vital organ within the human body. When the brain does not function properly, it affects all the other organs and processes within our body. When the brain is not functioning at an optimal level, it can lead to poor memory and premature aging. Nootropics have the potential to reverse the signs of aging and some people. Some of the common signs of aging include wrinkles on the skin, reduced metabolism, grain of hair, and memory loss. Supplements can be used by anyone of different age to get a head start on beating the signs of aging and even reversing the process. Although a healthy diet and exercise is the number one thing you should use to fight off the premature signs of aging, and effective supplement plan can also aid you as well. Nootropics have elements within them that can help to soothe the brain nerves and make him feel energized again one health benefit that I have definitely noticed is improved sleep.

Mood Enhancer

every single one of us is guilty of having mood swings at one time or another. Whether there is just somebody at the office who is making you upset or something really bad is actually going on, sometimes these mood swings are unavoidable. Although my wife would kill me for saying this, I believe that women are sometimes more prone to these effects because of different hormonal makeup than men. These mood swings can cause us to act and react erratically in situations which can damage our career and relationships. Mood swings are in most cases a result of unhealthy and stressful life situations. Some of the things that lead to these could include an irregular sleeping pattern and unhealthy eating habits. People who are irritated and in a bad mood cannot focus properly on the job they have at hand. This ultimately does to more stress and finally to depression and many people. There are plenty of mood enhancing receptors in your brain that can be used to mitigate mood swings and decrease stress. Nootropic’s help to trigger these mood enhancing receptors therefore ensuring that you are in a pleasant mood at all times. Well… Almost all the time!

Prevent Faitgue and Improve Creativity

working and studying all night can lead to fatigue and a loss of creativity. Smart drugs and nootropics are great option for people who need to keep the creative juices flowing and stave off fatigue. Although some people turn to energy boosters such as energy drinks and caffeine pills, these things are more like a Band-Aid. When they begin to wear off, the fatigue and decreasing creativity comes back with full force.

Combining nootropics with other brain supplements can be an effective way to help keep your brain functioning in a positive way and stain creative. Since the supplements are derived from plants and herbs, they provide a much more natural and healthy alternative to energy drinks. However, this does come with a little bit of a downside. They generally don’t produce overnight results such as energy drinks. You need to use nootropics on a consistent basis if you want to see their health benefits and increasing creativity that they can provide you. To avoid potentially dangerous side effects, make sure you research the dosage of the ingredient that you plan on using. You can then work with your doctor to come up with the ideal plan of dosage that will help you to receive the desired effects.

What Qualifies as a Nootropic?

We have now talked about a lot of the different health benefits that nootropics can provide. However, it’s important that we take a step back and define what exactly qualifies as this type of supplement. There are a few general categories that need to be satisfied in order for this to be the case.

First, the ingredient must contain no active vessel activity. In other words, it cannot cause vasodilation or vasoconstriction within the brain.

The second requirement is the substance should not directly change the EEG rhythm within the body.

Third, the substance must actively cross the blood brain barrier. This means that when consumed orally, the ingredient must be able to reach the brain effectively in order to cause the desired results.

Fourth, the substance must lead to metabolic activity within the brain. In other words, it needs to have significant effects leading to increased cognitive performance.

Fifth, the ingredient must have little to no side effects. This is important because supplements are not typically used under the direct supervision of a doctor.

Finally, the last requirement for supplement to be considered a nootropic is a need significant clinical studies showing its effectiveness. Without these type of clinical trials. It’s basically just a shot in the dark if the supplement is doing anything for you or not.

Examples of Nootropics

nootropics are a broad category of supplement types. There are many different subcategories that different products can fall in. One of the first to be discovered was racetams. Chloine based supplements have become more popular in recent years. These are little bit different because they provide the brain with the raw ingredients that it needs to perform at peak performance. One of the most common supplements that falls into this category is alpha GPC.

Another category is different herbs. Some of these have been used for hundreds of years in order to reduce stress and inflammation within the body. The final category is modified B vitamins. These are found in many of the most common energy drinks because they’re helpful to use alongside other nootropics in order to increase energy and performance within the human body.


all in all, life is extremely stressful. Everybody has 1 million different things on their plate and activities that they need to get done. We always recommend following a healthy diet and exercising to maintain healthy brain function. Adding nootropics can be a very effective and cost efficient way to make you feel better and work more effectively.

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