What Are The Most Common Side Effects of Adrafinil?

Starting a new supplement regimen is always very exciting. Whenever I order supplements online, it’s
almost a Christmas morning when they arrive. Whether I’m trying out the latest brain boosting
supplement or bodybuilding supplement to help me maximize my gains in the gym, the anticipation of
being able to utilize a new supplement to push my personal limits is always very exciting. Many of our
customers express the same excitement as they place an order for Adrafinil for the very first time. It’s
not uncommon for us to get multiple emails and phone calls from first time customers eagerly wanting
to track the every move of their package so they can anticipate its arrival. While it is true that Adrafinil
has a number of extremely desirable benefits, users need to also plan for and take steps to mitigate
potential side effects.

The first step to mitigating side effects from Adrafinil is to start out with a very low dosage. Our capsules all come standardized at 300 mg of Adrafinil powder per capsule. There are no other binders or fillers in the capsules. Although 300 mg is considered a relatively low dosage by most smart drug enthusiasts, it’s imperative that new users start out at the lowest dosage to assess tolerance and side effects that they may experience.

By far the most common side effects that Adrafinil users experience is difficulty in falling asleep. This is
due to the fact that Adrafinil has an extremely long half-life. If you take the supplement to late in the day, it can very easily interfere with your normal sleeping patterns. This takes a lot of new users by surprise, because they’re used to being able to drink a cup of coffee or energy drink just an hour or two before bed and still fall asleep without much trouble. Adrafinil is a little bit different than caffeine. It has a much longer half-life, so we recommend taking it no later than noon each day.

Besides difficulty in falling asleep when Adrafinil is taken too late in the day, a few of the other side
effects that are sometimes experienced by users include headaches, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, and
irritability. These are all extremely uncommon and most people will not notice any of these side effects.

In order to mitigate the risk of these undesired side effects happening, the most important thing you can
do is to make sure that your drinking enough water. As Americans, we all have a chronic tendency to not
drink enough water to stay adequately hydrated. This becomes even more important when
supplementing with Adrafinil because it has the effect of increasing body temperature and causing users
to excretes a larger than normal amount of bodily fluids such as sweat.

The final side effect to be aware of, although extremely unlikely to occur, is the potential that Adrafinil
has to lead to liver toxicity and elevated liver enzymes. This has occurred in rare instances because
Adrafinil is not process like a normal supplement within the body. Instead of being digested directly and
absorbed into the bloodstream, and needs to go through a conversion process in the liver in order to
turn it into Modafinil.

This is the exact same conversion process that occurs when we take some over-the-counter medication such as aspirin. The stress that this conversion puts on our liver is extremely mild
and a healthy liver normally flushes out any elevated liver enzymes within a matter of minutes.

In closing, there are two critical steps you can take in order to avoid potential negative side effects of
Adrafinil. First, you should be drinking double what you normally drink of water each day. Regardless of
your normal water intake, if this does not equal at least a gallon of water, you need to bump up your
water intake to that level. Second, Adrafinil should never be used for more than two weeks without
taking a few days off. This gives the liver the chance to cleanse itself and flush out any built-up toxins. If you follow these two simple pieces of advice, you will be able to enjoy the benefits that Adrafinil provides for years to come.