Why Can’t I Purchase Adrafinil Capsules on Amazon?

As a society, we have become absolutely hooked on Amazon prime’s wide selection of products and
speedy delivery. This is rather embarrassing to admit, but there havve been times where I placed an order
for an Amazon product from my living room sofa and had it arrive before I even left the house the next
day. This type of convenience and exceptional customer service is something that we have all become
accustomed to. So why is it that purchasing Adrafinil capsules on Amazon isn’t as easy?

Just a few years ago, Adrafinil capsules and powder could be easily purchased through online retailers
such as Amazon and eBay. Then one day, suddenly overnight, the nootropic disappeared from online
retailers shelves without notice. This resulted in an uproar of threads and speculations on formula
forums such as Reddit. Longtime Adrafinil users were worried that their beloved supplement would soon
become regulated by the US government. Fortunately, this turned out not to be the case.

Although the legal status of Adrafinil didn’t change, eBay and Amazon made some slight modifications to
their terms of service. These changes had the effect of no longer allowing Adrafinil to be sold through
their stores. Although our company didn’t launch until 2015, I have some insight into how the changes
were rolled out based on my own personal experience. When Adrafinil Express first launched, we listed
our products on eBay, not knowing that this was against their terms of service. Sales were chugging
along well for a couple of weeks and then one day all of our listings were removed and I got a rather
harsh email from eBay customer service.

The three main list reasons listed for the removal of the Adrafinil capsules are listed below:

• expired over-the-counter medications, healthcare items, vitamins and supplements are not

• listings for items which compare themselves to prescription drugs are not allowed

• links to websites that sell or promote the sale of prescription items are not allowed

Although Adrafinil is not a prescription drug in the United States or Canada, it does fall into the second
category of prohibited items listed above. It is commonly known that Adrafinil converts to the
prescription drug Modafinil once ingested into the body. For this reason, eBay and Amazon both decided
to discontinue the sale of this product through their online retail stores.

The strangest part of this whole ordeal is that Adrafinil can still be openly purchased through Amazon
Canada. I’m not sure what the differences or if sellers who have Adrafinil capsules listed in Canada are
able to ship them to the United States or other countries. However, it seems if you are dead set on using
Amazon to purchase Adrafinil, ordering through the Canadian version of the retailer’s website provides a
viable option for you.