Why Can’t I Checkout With Paypal Anymore?

Both Adrafinil express and many other online retailers of the nootropic supplement have traditionally
accepted PayPal as a payment method during checkout. If you have tried to place an order through ours
or any of our competitor’s sites over the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed something a little
strange. If you try to check out using PayPal, you would’ve received a strange error message that would
not let you continue. I’ll go into detail about the reason why this occurred below, but the bottom line is
that PayPal no longer allows Adrafinil to be bought and sold through their payment processing system.
I woke up early one Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago, to find an email from PayPal in my inbox
saying that my account had been permanently limited. I was shocked! I had never had a single customer
complaint or dispute about any of the purchases through our company. As I began to read through the
letter more carefully, I began to get more and more confused. It kept making references to how PayPal
does not allow the sale of prescription drugs. Duh, this seems rather obvious. However, Adrafinil is not aprescription drug!

As I neared the end of the notification from PayPal, I noted the part that applied to our company. PayPal
said that, “PayPal considers the marketing of a product and may restrict transactions for products
marketed to act like or function the same as a prescription drug. PayPal also may restrict transactions by
recall drugs, unapproved drugs and dietary supplements that have been banned by governmentagencies.”

Although I was obviously not very happy with PayPal’s decision to not allow the continued sale of
Adrafinil, the most frustrating part was the lack of communication on their part. We were given no
advanced warning or chance to explain our side of the story. PayPal simply stated that our account was
permanently closed and that they would be holding onto the funds in our account for 180
days before we would be able to withdraw them.

As these activities began to transpire, the first thought that popped into my head was that one of my
competitors had reported our company to PayPal to try and get us shut down. I’ve noticed that there’s
been an increasingly new amount of vendors selling both Adrafinil capsules and powder through the
same marketing channels that Adrafinil Express utilizes. I decided to check out their stores to see if they
were still able to accept PayPal. Lo and behold, all of their accounts had been shut down as well.
Thankfully, both Adrafinil express as well as all of the other small businesses who carry the product seem
to have other merchant processing options in place.

Bottom line, if you see an online nootropic’s vendor offering PayPal as a checkout option to purchase
Adrafinil, I would be very warry. It seems that PayPal has definitely been cracking down on the sale of
Adrafinil through their payment processing system and could very likely shut down your account to if you
use PayPal for such a purchase.

At Adrafinil Express, we currently accept SSL secured credit card payments processed through Stripe
payment processing. We have never had a single problem with them, but will do our best to implement
other options for consumers who are comfortable using a credit card to purchase Adrafinil online.
Several customers have sent emails suggesting that we begin accepting Bitcoins, Western Union, money
orders, or personal checks to pay for Adrafinil orders. If you would like to use one of these options before
we officially set it up on our website, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call and will
definitely get you taken care of.