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Adrafinil User Experiences and Reviews

Over the last year, the use of Adrafinil and other nootropic supplement has absolutely exploded in the United States. Internet message boards, forums, and online communities buzzing with people reading positive reviews for this incredible compound. Before trying Adrafinil for the first time, many users search out reviews and experiences that other people have had. Although other people’s experience are not necessarily an indication of how effective the supplement will be for you, reading other Adrafinil reviews and user experiences can help you to gain a better understanding of what the potential benefits and side effects would be for you.


Adrafinil was pioneered in Europe, where was prescribed to promote mental alertness, motivation, energy, and concentration in people have sleep disorders and fatigue. The supplement was soon discontinued by the manufacturer, not for safety reasons but financial. There are other medications that they wanted to focus their time on instead of expanding usage Adrafinil worldwide. Since that time, users from around the world begin to discover the positive benefits on their own. It is currently available without a prescription in the United States and Canada. If you live in other countries, make sure you check out our guide on the legal status of Adrafinil before importing it into your own country.

Adrafinil is oftentimes classified as a nootropic. As such, it can be used as a mild stimulant for both cognitive enhancement and other benefits. The supplement is commonly used to increase alertness when high levels of concentration and memory are required. Students as well as working professionals often find that they need a little extra pick me up in the early afternoon in order to complete their work on time.


As with any supplement, it is definitely recommended that you only follow the prescribed dosage. You should avoid using this product for long period of time without sight. Failing to do so can lead to unwanted side effects including slightly elevated enzymes in the liver. These side effects almost always dissipate as soon as the user can use the product more responsibly. It is always best to consult with your doctor or physician before beginning this any other nutrition program. Your body will definitely react differently than other peoples, to start off with the lowest dosage possible and slowly work your way up once you discover how the supplement affects you.

Once you ingest a capsule into your body, Adrafinil is converted to Modafinil in the liver. As the basic chemical structure of Modafinil, with an additional methyl group added to it. Up until recently the compound was sold under the brand name Olmifon. It was discontinued in 2012. Adrafinil is widely used all over the world and is available for purchase online without a prescription. New users typically start out with 100 mg capsule in the morning. The product takes about two hours to fully be converted in the liver into the active compounds. For this reason, you should wait a couple hours after taking your first dosage to assess how it is affecting you. If you feel like it is not reacting strongly enough, you can take one or two more capsules. Never take more than three capsules in any one day.

If you begin to read user experiences online, you find that a lot of people purchase powder instead of capsules. We recommend capsules over powder for a couple of important reasons. First, the powder is extremely difficult to accurately dose. Unless you have an extremely expensive milligrams scale, it can be difficult to make sure that you’re not taking too little or too much of the product. Second, capsules have the benefit of being extremely easy to take on the go. You can throw couple in your backpack or pocket and take them with you to work or school. For most people, the slight increase in cost is worth it to get capsules instead of the inconvenient powder. Not to mention, Adrafinil has an absolutely dreadful taste!

The supplement typically lasts about 4 to 6 hours for most people. Those who are extremely sensitive to stimulants may find the affects last up to 10 hours. You should always do early in the morning in order to avoid sleepless nights. Some people find that it’s easier to take one capsule in the morning and then one capsule in the early afternoon when the primary effect start to wear off. You will need to play around with the dosage and see what works best for you.

Is Adrafinil Safe?

If you’ve been trying to find other user reviews online, you probably have some questions about the safety. The good news is that Adrafinil comes with very few side effects and is extremely safe for most people. The active ingredient in the capsules is metabolized into modafinil inside of your liver. This process takes a couple of hours to complete. You should always cycle the product can be sure not to use it too many days in a row. This is not a cycling. Long-term use and abuse of Adrafinil is thought to have negative side effects on the liver. However, these effects have not been definitively proven.

Before taking Adrafinil for the first time, it is a great idea to read some of the reviews and experiences that other people have had. This will help you to make an informed decision as to whether the supplement is right for you. We have summarized some user experiences of people who have tried our product and left a review. Check them out below:

User Experience #1: Use As a Study Aid

I have never been what most people would consider an All-Star student. Growing up, I often had a lot of difficulty studying and concentrating during my classes. I think the biggest thing that led to this was that I stayed up really late at night playing video games and talking to my friends online. I got into a vicious cycle of staying up very late and then needing to wake up early in order to get to school and attend my classes. This led to a vicious cycle of being very sleepy during the day and not being able to concentrate.

This cycle led to a lot of difficulties for me. My grades began to slip during high school and my parents were constantly nagging me about getting my grades up. When they was at the grocery store, I saw a product called node does which promised to give me sustained energy. The pills actually contained nothing but caffeine. I think each one had about 200 mg or so of caffeine in it. I began to take these every day in the morning and then eventually began using the multiple times per day.

At first everything was great. I got a boost of energy and was able to plow through my homework at record time. The problem was on the days that I forgot to take my caffeine pills, I would get extremely irritable and have headaches. However, I was able to finish off high school and graduate with a decent enough GPA. Then I got to college.

Getting to college was a huge wake up call for me. I was surrounded by a ton of very smart students. I began to fall into the same bad habits that I had developed in high school. I stayed up late and then slept in missing my classes and missing deadlines at school. One day, I was studying with one of my aunties and found that she was whizzing through her homework with no problems at all. I asked her if she drink energy drinks or took caffeine pills and she told me that she was supplementing with a product called Adrafinil. I had never heard of it.

My friend explained to me that Adrafinil is not a stimulant in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, it is used to promote wakefulness in humans. She told me that it lacked a lot of the jittery side effects of

caffeine and energy drinks. She told me that it would have help me to focus and get my homework done in record time. I was sold! I began to take Adrafinil capsules that I ordered online a couple of times per week. I found they provided the mental focus and energy I needed but did not keep me up at night like energy drinks had.

Today, I have been graduated from college for a couple of years. I still look back on the fun times I had with happiness. Adrafinil absolutely played a huge role in me being able to graduate from college and achieve the grades I needed to get a great job. I still use the supplement from time to time when I need that little extra pick me up at work. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who needs help focusing and is looking for great alternative to caffeine.

User Experience #2: On the Go Mom

Let’s be honest. None of us have enough time during the day to get all of the things accomplished that we need. I am no different. I am a mom of four children and spend my days running around between school plays, the grocery store, and other activities that need to get done. For as long as I can remember, I would stop by Starbucks or other coffee shops in order for a little afternoon pick me up. This became as much of my routine as brushing my teeth or calming my hair.

As I begin to get a little bit older, I realized I needed to watch my diet more carefully. Those constant trips to the coffee shop began to add unwanted inches to my waistline. Although I love the jolt of energy I got from a good iced coffee, the excess calories were really beginning to get to me. I began to search online for an alternative that would give me the energy I was looking for in a low-calorie form. I had tried sugar-free red bull and other energy drinks, and was unsatisfied with their disgusting aftertaste and lack of positive benefits.

What I was searching online for a solution to my problem, I came over a genre of supplements known as nootropic’s. Nootropic’s promise to increase cognitive performance without having a lot of the negative side effects associated with other supplements. I also learned that nootropic’s came in capsule form thus alleviating the need to turn to calorie filled iced coffee. After reading about all of the different options available, I decided to give Adrafinil a try.

I researched on online forums who the best company to purchase Adrafinil from what is. I settled on Adrafinil express because I loved how they offered a 90 day money back guarantee as well as a low price guarantee. I placed an order and the product arrived in just a couple of days. I’ve been taking Adrafinil consistently over the past couple of months. Whenever I feel the need to go run to the coffee shop, I pop in Adrafinil capsule instead. Although I sometimes miss the sugary goodness of the drinks I had before, I have been pleasantly surprised at the pounds I have shed from my waist. Adrafinil has allowed me to get all of my work done without needing to turn to calorie fuel drinks.

User Experience #3: Life as an Investment Banker

I do not work traditional hours. As an investment banker, they oftentimes need to work hundred plus hours per week. This inevitably leads to health problems because I’m not able to get enough sleep. A lot of my colleagues turned to prescription stimulants and caffeine in order to get through the day. I did the same thing for a while, but the negative side effects finally began to creep up on me.

A friend of mine recommended that I try a nootropic supplement called Adrafinil. He said that he had been using it off and on for about six months or so and was pleasantly surprised by the benefits offered. Although it is too early to say for sure, I think I found a perfect solution for me. I don’t need to take Adrafinil every day, I just take it on the days where I was only able to get an hour or two of sleep the night before.

I hope that one day I will be able to move on from my lifestyle as an investment banker into something a little bit more sustainable. Until then, Adrafinil is the perfect solution for helping me plow through those difficult days at the office.

Summary of User Experiences and Reviews

As you can see, each user will use Adrafinil in different ways. The reviews and experiences from the individuals listed below may not necessarily be the same effects that you experience. However, we highly recommend giving this incredible supplement a try. We offer a full money back guarantee so you have absolutely nothing to lose by checking it out. In addition, we are currently running a 35% off sale so you can try Adrafinil out at a great price. Click below to order now.

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