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Adrafinil Legal Status in the USA and Worldwide

As more and more people begin to use nootropic supplements, new users always have a couple of common questions. One of these question is whether nootropic such as Adrafinil are legal to use in their area of the World. While the increased energy and improved cognitive performance are great, if a product is illegal then it does not do users much good. This article will take a look at the legal status of the supplement in the United States, Canada, UK, and around the world. If you are unsure about your specific country or have specific questions regarding the legal status of this or any other supplement, make sure you reach out your local government representative.

History and Overview

Adrafinil was first manufactured by Lafon, a pharmaceutical company in France. This particular nootropic supplement is considered a eurogenic. In Greek, it means ‘good arousal.’ Adrafinil was previously sold under the brand name Olmifon. The manufacture, Cephalon, abruptly discontinued the product in 2012 due to some manufacturing difficulties. Adrafinil is a prodrug to Modafinil. This means that the conversion process in the liver. Modafinil has similar structure and characteristics and has been widely used in the USA and Europe as a wakefulness agent.

Supplement users from around the world have started to discover the huge benefits that nootropics provide. Adrafinil in particular has received a lot of praise from online communities. Users have been particularly drawn to the products ability to increase energy and alertness. Other noteworthy effects include high alertness, concentration, motivation, memory, and optimism from first-time users. Another plus is that most users do not experience negative side effects. This stands in stark contrast to harsh pharmaceutical drugs such as amphetamine, which can lead to anxiety, fast heartbeat, loss of appetite.

Usage and Benefits

All supplements will affect users differently. Each body has different ways of metabolizing and utilizing supplements and other compounds. For this reason, first-time users should make sure that they start with a low dosage work their way up. There have been a few studies that link long-term use and abuse of Adrafinil with elevated liver enzymes. However, there has been no definitive proof of such effects. Users should use the supplement to moderation and make sure that they are always maintaining adequate hydration.

If you are the type of person who drinks a cup of coffee (or 10!) every morning, this product is an excellent alternative for you to look into. You may be pleasantly surprised by the long-lasting effects. Many people can take one capsule in the morning time, and feel that increased energy and alertness throughout the day. Although slightly more expensive than caffeine tablets, this product provides a much greater bang for your buck due to its long duration of effects.

Legal Status of Purchasing Adrafinil Online

As with any supplement, each country has its own permissions and restrictions that can change from time to time. Some countries even have their own laws and customs in regards to importing supplements from outside of the country. If you are choosing to import or export parcels from one country to another, make sure that you appropriately declare it on customs and pay the necessary taxes and duties. Many countries offer leniency and reduce taxes if you are just importing supplements for

personal use. However, if you start to get into the realm of purchasing large quantities, you should reach out to a customs agent will be able to assist you in making sure that you fill out the necessary paperwork.

In certain countries Adrafinil is considered a prescription drug. In these countries, you will need to go visit your doctor to receive the necessary paperwork in order to take it. Some physicians prescribe it for off label purposes such as increased energy, as a study pill, or for boosting productivity. It should never be taken by individuals with epilepsy, liver, or kidney impairment. If you start to take the supplement on a regular basis, make sure to have your doctor check your liver enzymes every month if you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant.

Adrafinil is legal to buy and use in the United States, United Kingdom, and in Canada. However, in Australia, it is only given as a prescription. Some countries requiring a prescription will allow patients to import small quantities for personal use.

The World Anti-Doping agency has marked the compound on its list of prohibited substances for athletic competition. Athletes should take note about its prohibited status. As regulations and rules continue to change and develop country by country, it is wise to check with your local regulating agencies. This way you can get all of the most up-to-date information on the legal status of Adrafinil in the certain country where you are living.

Although Adrafinil has a lot of great benefits to offer its users, it has different legal status and restrictions depending on the country that you live in. Below you will find a list of a few of the most common places where people have questions about the legality of this product.

Legal Status in the United States

In the USA, Adrafinil is legal to buy and use for personal use. It has not been approved or disapproved by the Food and Drug Administration. The DEA also has no jurisdiction over Adrafinil as it is not classified as a controlled substance. The product must still meet all of the sanitation requirements of other mainstream supplements, such as creatine. The good news for consumers in the United States is that no prescription is needed to acquire Adrafinil under its current legal status. Citizens are free to purchase it both domestically or to import it from abroad for personal use.

Since FDA approval has not yet been obtained, you will not see Adrafinil marketed in vitamin stores and might find it difficult to purchase in your local health food shop. Online shops offer capsules and bulk powder for sale at attractive prices. Although it is slightly less convenient than being able to walk into your local CVS or Walgreens, many online stores offer free expedited shipping so you can receive your product in a timely manner. In my opinion, this more than makes up for the inconvenience of not being able to buy the product in a brick and motor store.

Legal Status in the United Kingdom

Adrafinil is an unregulated product in most of the United Kingdom. For this reason citizens residing in the UK are allowed to import small quantities of it for personal use. However, the United Kingdom has constantly changing laws regarding supplements. For this reason it is extremely important for consumers living in these countries to consult with the local government in order to determine if there are any laws or restrictions in place.

Legal Status in Canada

In Canada, Adrafinil is considered to be an unregulated drug. Consumers are allowed to purchase and use the product as they see fit. They are allowed to use as a research compound or to import in small quantities from other countries such as the United States. With laws changing so quickly, it is important to ensure that customs will not confiscate their product if it is coming from a different country. Make sure you check specifics with the website that you are ordering from before embarking on such a journey.

So, Is Adrafinil Legal?

The short answer is yes! Adrafinil is legal to purchase and use in the United States, UK, and Canada. If you live in Australia, you will need a prescription if you want to purchase it. The fact that it is not illegal does not negate the importance of making sure that you take the proper dosage. Adrafinil is an extremely potent nootropic supplement that should only be used by adults. New users will want to start off with 300 mg for their first dose, taken very early in the morning. If you dose too late in the afternoon or early evening, the supplement can lead to sleep loss.

All in all, if you’re looking for an excellent way to increase energy and alertness, make sure to give Adrafinil a try. Check with your local government agencies if you have any specific questions regarding the legal status in the place that you live.

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